Captain America – Civil War – Review

First big question, was Captain America – Civil War better than Batman vs Superman? For me, Yes! And I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge Marvel fan, because I was really looking forward to seeing Sup’s and Bat’s on the big screen together and I had high hopes for their adventure, I just feel that they over stretched themselves which caused plot holes in the storyline and therefore lost details. Civil War on the other hand kind of makes up for where Dawn of Justice let us down as comic/movie fans because it’s consistent. Yes, you could also say “that’s boring” and I’d be inclined to agree slightly as we’re seeing the same characters over and over again, but if it’s not broke…right?

Okay so the storyline opens with the Avengers doing what they do best, trying to do good, trying to save lives but still causing enough collateral damage to be judged by the entire world. With all this having taken place and the new registration (mentioned briefly) soon to take affect our heroes start to divide and considering this is soon to be “law” (it’s a very big document to read through…without pictures) the Avengers aren’t really given a lot of time to discuss it. Before you know it they’re all off in different directions, other events start quickly unfolding, causing everyone and everything to change at an alarming rate. All of this then escalates to a hero standoff at the airport already seen in all the trailers, the lines are drawn and the ultimatums given. Let the Marvel showdown begin.

Like most movies there are good and bad points. One of the best things about this movie was the introduction of T’Challa / Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), it tied in perfectly with the rest of the movie and brought with it a new freshness to our normal roster of heroes. T’Challa’s motivation and drive made sense but it was his humanity and reasoning which really stood out his limited screen time, if the other Avengers were as sensible as him Civil War would’ve have been a bit more…civilised. I haven’t really followed many Black Panther comic titles but seeing him on the big screen has made me want to find out more and I’m really looking forward to see what will be done with his own movie in 2018.
Now let’s move on to Spidey. I think the casting for our new Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is pretty spot-on but as much as I love Spidey I do feel the movie would’ve worked just as well had he not been in it. Don’t get me wrong, I silently fist punched the air when he first showed up but it was his meeting with Tony Stark that didn’t sit right with the rest of the movie. I would’ve liked to have seen a different or maybe a better planned introduction to the wall-crawler’s first MCU appearance. Still, it’s Spider-Man so ultimately I loved it and with his humour mixed with Ant-Man’s (Paul Rudd) their comical quip helped lighten the tone just at right time.

The worse thing about this movie… Everett Ross (Martin Freeman)! The guy doesn’t usually bother me as an actor but his character wasn’t actually needed in this movie at all, there were other characters that could have said his lines and the movie would’ve carried on as normal. He brought nothing extra to film and his ridiculous American accent made his screen time unbearable, a pointless casting if you ask me.

To round up Captain America: Civil War wasn’t the perfect comic book movie, not even, the perfect Marvel movie but it wasn’t way off and I mainly because Captain America is Marvel Studios best cinematic character. Separate him from the MCU and look at his movies as a trilogy and you have three diverse stories not just about a superhero and a supervillain, The First Avenger was about mythology and power during WWII, The Winter Solider was about double agents and conspiracies and Civil War is about standing for what you believe is right. The Russo Brothers have done a fantastic job developing the Captain America franchise and I have faith that they’ll continue to provide comic book fans with Marvellous movies in the future.

Am I Team Cap or Team Stark after this movie? I’m Team Marvel Studios! As long as they keep making good movies.

Peter Lidbetter