Detective Comics Vol 1 No 227

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Detective Comics No 227

Volume 1 Detective Comics No 227 Features the Storylines: The Fifty Faces of Batman; The Genius With Super Power!; The Man With 20 Lives. Also features Manhunter from Mars!

Synopsis for “The Fifty Faces of Batman”

Batman teaches a class in make-up and disguise artistry for his friend, Barrett Kean, who taught him the arts of imposture. But a criminal photographer uses the opportunity to hatch a scheme to expose Batman’s secret identity.

Synopsis for “The Man With 20 Lives”

Monte Fisk, who is suspected of committing at least a dozen murders, covers his tracks too well for the police to prove his involvement. But John Jones uses his telepathic powers to learn that Fisk is indeed guilty. Then he uses his other powers to haunt Fisk, surviving the murderer’s attempts to kill him over and over again. Finally, Fisk confesses to the killings, saying a “ghost detective” has been haunting him.

Cover Date – Jan 1956


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