DC Comics Variant Play Art KAI Batman Rogues Gallery Two-Face

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From Square Enix comes the a new Variant Play Arts KAI line, DC Comics Variant Play Art KAI Batman Rogues Gallery Two-Face. This is the first in a series of mashups of Batman’s classic silhouette with the beloved villains of his Rogues Gallery and results in a this awesome new range of figures.

The right half of the figures body resembles the classic Batman design, but the armour and suit look slightly melted and warped. The other side is twisted and warped and results in a Two-Face design blended with the classic Batman outline.  A charred, scorched paint effect has been meticulously reproduced, along with eyes made with transparent parts for a haunting expression, set in a face of half-melted flesh.

Included with the figure is an interchangeable grinning face and hand parts that allow you to pose Two-Face doing his signature coin-toss. The unique design is the first in an awesome new range that will show Batman in a whole new light.


  • Size Approx. W 8.7” x  D 6.3”  x  H 11.4”
  • Age 3+
  • Interchangeable head and hands for different poses.
  • £10 cheaper that Forbidden Planet!


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