Bethesda at E3

So with the two main secrets of Bethesda at E3 already out (Fallout 4 and Doom) we waited in anticipation for more news on these two huge titles. And news came in the shape of two new Gameplay trailers for these massive games including a gameplay trailer for Fallout 4 shown here courtesy of Gamespot.

In even better Fallout 4 news, the game will be released on November 10th which means they have kept this well under wraps during its development.

Also showcased were first person team based action game, Battlecry, an announce trailer for the sequel to the promising but ultimately disappointing Dishonored, hopefully they will have fixed the flaws that blighted the first game! They also mentioned Elder Scrolls online, but I don’t really care about that so I will skip over it.

Anyway you can see all them all here as well as the entire conference should you so desire.